Early Riser – Row, Row, Row Your Boat…Then Clang and Bang!!

Day one back from a quick trip to Kansas City with the family! Thought it only right to start the week off right with a before the sun comes up workout!

Was not easy getting out of bed at 4:15 AM but I must be honest it was easier than getting up at 5:30 or 6:00 like usual. I got out of bed poured a cup of coffee from my preset coffee maker and headed out to the garage for some cardio on the row machine.


4:50 AM – After about 20 minutes of solid rowing I decided to grab some breakfast. Fed my dogs, let them outside to do their business, ate breakfast then headed back out to the garage which I have named “The Church”.

5:15 AM – Decided to get back to the basics for a while. Went ahead and crushed some weights with the workout below.

  1. Barbell Bench Press         4X12 building
  2. Incline Push ups                4X15
  3. Dumbbell Bench Press     4X12
  4. Dumbbell Flies                   4X12
  5. Dips                                        3X12
  6. Hammer Curls                    3X12

6:00 AM – After completed that session I took a neighborhood walk to enjoy the fresh air and silence before starting my busy day at work.

6:15 AM – One last thing. I stopped in the garage to meditate for 10 minutes so I have exercised my mind and allowed myself to settle for the day. I never really believed in meditation, but that’s because I was ignorant to the benefits. I became very stressed from work and just life in general for a short time and was looking for methods of relieving tension, meditation was the key.



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