So I have always been a bit of a exercise junkie. I have tried just about everything that peaks my interest such as just standard gym going (weightlifting and cardio), Crossfit for about three straight years, running…ugh, some martial arts training, boxing classes, and even one triathlon. I have always enjoyed changing things up and trying new workouts in order to not get bored, however I do go through stages of motivation as most people do.

When my son was born I decided to “quit the gym”, as in stop paying to go to a Crossfit box. I realized that I could build a solid garage gym (which I named “The Church”) for much less than what I was paying per year for the membership. The challenge with the garage gym is obviously being driven enough to use it consistently. I have noticed over the past 17 years of exercise routines that it is not how intense you are but how consistent you are! It is much easier to stay in shape than to get into shape, that being said, time flies and if you do not remain consistent then it’s also easy to fall out of shape.

I am going to use this page to post most of my workouts, which in turn will help me remain accountable. The Church is a place for staying in shape and getting aggressive on my physicality before heading off to work!  Please let me know what you think or if you have any solid workouts that I can try out!

God Bless the Gains and the Pains that I will Create in This Sacred Place! – The Church Goer


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