Being Parents…To a Little Ball of Concentrated Enthusiasm

My main man, my second mate, my crime fighting side kick, my reason why, my son. My son’s name is Lincoln and he is about 1 1/2 years old and has a vast amount of energy, like the kind of energy scientists are looking for to power our way to Mars and beyond! When he was first born he was a beautiful little guy with tons of personality as you can see below he was clearly a little skeptical of his new found situation (don’t worry buddy we have to provide you everything for at least 18 years or so).

Skeptical with the People’s Eyebrow

It’s absolutely insane how someone so small can flip your life into a totally different direction, my wife and I have changed for the better. We are both absolutely in love with this king of the castle and get so many laughs everyday!

Alright now time to get serious on when a Dad finally gets to his point of true compatibility. When your child is first born and being breast fed or bottle fed by their Mother all the time then guess who get left to the side for a bit of time??…yes of course you’re right, good ole Padre. Your baby at this time requires tons of nurturing attention and who has that instinct? Well I’m here to tell you that in most cases it isn’t Daddy! Guys are very different beings although, very impressive in their own right, we do not have a strong sense of nurture and that’s alright. During that first year or so you are pretty much the assistant to Mom and Baby, even though all you want to do is play with your new sidekick! It wasn’t really until at or just after one year that I was truly able to play with my son and receive his feedback, where he would seek me out to play. When you child starts looking for Dad to play that is one of the most rewarding feelings a man could possibly have. You finally feel as though there is something you can do that will put a huge smile on their faces while also giving Mom some break time.


Lincoln is now watching everything that I do and tries to mimic if possible, or even if not possible, so I have to be careful! One day I’m carrying him on my shoulders and we are outside, I spit in the grass, we guess what? Lincoln spits on my head! I really got a kick out of this so I did it a couple other times for the reaction, but then realized “Oh crap” I don’t want him to pick up this bad habit! Now he also copies everything else. If he sees my outside washing one of the cars he likes to use the hose or wipe the car with a sponge…but the hose is by far his favorite because he gets to spray Dad! Every time he pulls the trigger on the hose he lets out this manly grunt (think Tim the Tool Man) so I know he is definitely my son! He watches me workout if he is awake and wants to play with all the cool stuff in the garage like the stick I some times use to stretch, which he just swings around yelling “Hi-Ya, Hi-Ya!!”. If I am boxing in the garage then he wants to wear the gloves and throw some punches!

Now we are at the point to where he likes being rough housed, wrestled, and chased! This is the ultimate Dad/Son bonding time because Dad is the best Luchador in all the land! I can throw him on the bed, pick him up over my shoulder and tote him around upside down, and the holy grail of early fatherhood the famed horse back ride!

“Sleepy horse back ride”

Being able to play with my son now to a point that isn’t just stacking a couple blocks makes it much easier to come up with new games and keeps him interested. Like I said he loves being chased now which is fun because you get to see this tiny human run as fast as he can will you make noises going after him!

Being a Dad is an amazing experience that just keeps getting better with age! The main thing is that I need to keep my own energy at a high level so that my son keeps his at a high level, they watch everything you do. If you workout and play then they will see that as normal, if you only sit on the couch and watch tv all the time then they will see that as normal, pick your path carefully. I am enjoying this part of our lives so much and CAN wait for the next stage (I don’t want to rush anything). Our son is a vast amount of energy concentrated into a small hungry package and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Some times he gets a little tired and relaxed, but it never lasts long

Enjoy Fatherhood and make it fun!



It’s Crowded at The Bottom

4:30 AM – Waking up is a little difficult today. Who am I to not get up and push my body and mind to perform? There are people out there that have extreme disabilities, unfortunate circumstances, and even two or three jobs! Here I am laying in bed thinking about getting another hour of sleep…what a sad ignorant thought. I told myself “Get your ass up! There are people out working you that are missing limbs, people who are single parents, people who operate everyday on little sleep!”. The people that have everything stacked against them are my role models, my heroes. I am lucky to be able to wake up everyday and jump out of bed and go do whatever I want to do! I cannot waste this opportunity called life. Everyday we get closer to the end, who are we to waste this precious time? I have work to do. We have work to do. Get up and work on yourself!!!

Why is everyone so content with “Normal”? This leaves us at the bottom, and it’s crowded down there. It’s so crowded at the bottom so I’m going to make a nice spacious spot for myself at the top!

Life is the biggest risk, because you are not going to get out alive. Keep taking risks and improving!

I am up today at 4:30 AM working on myself before I go into work. I get my workout in while it’s still dark outside. By the time I get to work I have already completed half a workday just for myself and I feel damn proud of that. One day when my son is older he will see me up so early and will probably think I’m a crazy mother fucker but it will be ingrained in his memory forever. My son will be able to say “My Dad works harder than anyone!” because it will be true. I thought I was tired of having my back against the wall until I realized it was necessary to keep it there! I do my best work when I’m under immense pressure and for whatever reason I forgot to perform in this manner for myself! I am going to kick my own ass outside of work just like it gets kicked at work because I owe that to myself and especially my son.

The last couple of days I have had a voice in my head saying “Come on just go back to the way you were, sleep in, skip today’s workout, don’t write because you don’t have anything to say”. You know what? I still got up everyday, I still got my workout in, I still kept my head up! There is a turning point going on right now and there will be many more in my future, I am fighting through those thoughts everyday until they are pushed down so far that I can’t even hear them any more.

My back is against the wall everyday because I make the decision to keep it there! Nobody is going to help me get where I want to go, I have to do ALL the work! Be up for this challenge because once it’s over it’s over. Create a routine for everyday, don’t make it easy! I’m up everyday before 5:00 AM and I go straight to the black kettle that holds that sweet caffeine blood flow, then I walk right out to the garage, open the door, at this point it’s happening already. Once you get so far it’s hard to turn back and go back to bed because you will disappoint yourself, and your conscious does not want that feeling.

Keep Your Back Against it All The Time!

Some times when I wake up early I want to go back to sleep, but then I remember why I’m doing this routine. I have to show my son and myself that you can do whatever you want and it’s never to late to make a change in your life!

Remember it’s crowded at the bottom so claim a spot at the top!


The Introvert’s Blog

I am an introvert, there I said it (or maybe I just thought it out loud). If you know me well or in certain circumstances then you would know that I have the ability to have energy around people and have tons of fun without a doubt. All that being said, forcing myself to maintain such a high amount of energy throughout the day utterly exhausts me and this is because my brain does not function this way on a normal basis. I am obviously a morning person and have annoyingly high amounts of energy when I wake up in most cases (my wife can vouch and does not share that same annoying energy at that time). First thing in the morning I drink some high octane black jitter juice and then roll right into “The Church” (my garage gym) to pay my dues, but when the evening hits after a day of work I am only good until about 9:30 or so. I spend my entire day talking with people of all different types of personalities and backgrounds and I must remain “on” all the time!


An introverted person is someone who is always in their own head and rarely shows their hand to anyone. My mind tends to run 1,000 mph from day break to day’s end and that is on top of being “on” with many different scenarios all day.  I enjoy people watching and running scenarios in my head, all though this is also slowly maddening at times. Super high energy people zap my energy pretty quickly because I just cannot keep up!

Throughout most of my life I wanted to force myself into situations that make me an extrovert. I would go to parties, volunteer for ridiculous things, and some times even have a couple drinks before going to have drinks so that I could loosen up a bit and talk more. Over the years I realized that this wasn’t the way to go, I am a typically quiet and in my head type of guy and I just need to be happy with that. This does not mean I don’t want to be around extroverts or even “extreme extroverts” (k…a…s…i…e, shameless name drop), I enjoy and thrive on it most of the time but once my energy is spent it doesn’t come back until I recharge with some time back in my head.


Funny thing about writing is that I don’t have to talk! I can sit here in my own head and just type what’s running through it any time I want. This project has been amazing for my mind, I find that I can data dump onto a laptop or phone without rebuttal. You know how you have those conversations with yourself in the shower? Those faux arguments that you always win? Like you are going to jump out and go use that information for good! (I know you know what I’m talking about you don’t have to lie to me) This writing thing is kinda like that. You can publish your brain waves as though you were the only person talking in the room and some times you need that, especially if you are an introvert. You can anticipate what people’s reactions will be and type that and then strike back as if you just proved them wrong (or right depending on the conversation of the day). I know this seems like “talking to yourself” but come on everyone does this in some form or fashion and it’s fun to discuss the things that most people take for granted.

Either way I enjoy this writing thing (like it’s new and no one has ever done it). Nah you know what, it is kind of new, because most people tell small blurbs about their day via social media. Why can’t everyone have an autobiography of themselves to pass down to their children and grandchildren? Facebook isn’t going to count unless you just want to show them that you went to the beach one time and all other memories were grand and epic! Most people post only the fun things that they do but those aren’t the only things that people should know about you. People need to know what makes you who you are and those are usually not the pictures you post, those things are usually the life learned experiences that you go through, the tough times that require you to push through, and the times where you have to force yourself to change in order to be a better person.

I am going to just keep on being an introverted guy who goes on caffeine fueled rage workouts by myself every morning because that is when I do my best thinking and understanding!

Do things outside of your comfort zone, say yes instead of no, be happy inside your own head from time to time (everyone doesn’t understand it but who gives a shit), use other people’s energy to thrive, create your own energy by striving to be your best self, and for the sake of all that is good and decent get your ass up early and do something for yourself!


Train, Work, Family

Right now you are at work looking at the clock thinking “damn, just a few more hours until I get to go home”. What is your plan when you get home? What are you gonna do? Are you going home to tell your wife how bad your day was? How busy you were? How your boss pissed you off? Then you go straight back there the next day, well I want to tell you, that whole day is now gone and you will never get that time back. You want to make a change? You want to start exercising? Want to get up earlier? Spend more time with your family? Go on an amazing vacation? Well get up and get on it! All you have to do is start! Take the first step and just start! Why is it so hard? Ask yourself that question, then listen to how stupid your excuses sound. “I cannot get up earlier because I need that extra hour to feel good.”, deep down you know that’s bullshit! Make a change, make the change for yourself first but then for your family or loved ones! How successful and happy you are will affect all those around you in a very positive way, and if it doesn’t then those are the people that get cut from the team.

I get up before the burning ball in the sky so I can train my body and mind before I start my day. I’m up so early that I don’t even see another person for the first two hours of my morning. Any idea how much I have accomplished by that time? Some times I have trained twice or at least one long strength conditioning session. I usually use the remaining time to cook myself some egg whites with peanut butter toast and maybe a protein shake. Finally I get on and write about my workout and whatever I have been thinking about during that quiet time in the morning.


My ultimate goal here is to bring out the better person that I know is inside myself. I know I have a highly trained, intelligent, and productive person lurking within. I am going to tell my son that he can do anything he wants and puts his mind to, but you have to give 120% to what you love. He will not be lacking in confidence or vigor because I’m not giving him the proper support. I will lead by living. My son will see me live and do extraordinary things, and hopefully he will see this example and strive to create an amazing life!

The best part about accomplishing so much before 7:00 AM is all the free time in the evening for my family. When I say “free” time I mean really free because I have already trained my body, mind, and done some things for myself, that’s free. When you aren’t working out or accomplishing any personal goals then all your “free” time turns into guilty time. You should feel guilty when you aren’t working towards your goals, so get after it today! I have more energy to play with my son and do things around the house. This is really working for me and I am positive that in some shape or form it will work for you too.


4:00 AM Comes Early, But So Does 32 Years of Age

Let’s GO!!!

4:23 AM – Monday means LEG DAY time to get up and build that foundation of strength! Popped right out of bed this morning, added a cup of dark black roasted adrenaline to my blood stream then right out to “The Church” for some sweaty painful morning ritual!

Leg Day:

Keep the workouts and movements simple so you don’t have to think of a workout this early in the morning. I am not a super athlete but I do know what works for legs, squat variations, lunges, Romanian dead lifts etc. Keep it simple, voluminous, and sweaty!

  • Row                                         2,000 meters (wake up call!)
  • Barbell Lunges                    4X25 
  • Banded Leg Press               4X15
  • Barbell Squats                     3X12
  • Romanian Dead Lifts         3X15
  • Quick walk around the neighborhood so I can make sure I’m the first one working!

5:23 AM – A good friend of mine sent me a text saying “he was working late and 4:00 AM came real early today”, this got me thinking. I have been getting up and going straight to work for someone else for many years, yes I have been a fairly early riser for most of those years but not like this current run. I started thinking “you know what comes early? 32 years comes early.” I cannot believe that I have not been getting up this early for my entire adult life! I cannot imagine what I could have accomplished with an extra 3 hours per day and the amount of continuous energy that this schedule gives me. Doesn’t matter what I could have done all that matters is what I’m going to do next!

We are so fortunate to be able to wake up everyday and make choices for ourselves! You can sleep in, you can get up and workout, you can get up and swim, you can get up and write or read. Who are we to waste this most precious time and decide to constantly hit the snooze button everyday? When you set your alarm the night before and have these solid intentions of getting up and doing shit what stops you from accomplishing this simple goal. It’s easy, just get up! Pour coffee and open the blinds or turn on the lights, turn on some music or a video of some drill Sargent screaming, just do something! Stop doing nothing! 30 years will come fast if it hasn’t already, then 40 years, then 50, 60, 70, before you know it your at the end and wondering “What if?”.

No more snoozing the alarm, you are an adult, you are in charge of every choice you make. If you didn’t get enough stuff done then that is your fault and your fault only! Get shit done! Take care of yourself so that you can live a long happy successful life no matter your circumstances. If you keep hitting snooze then before you know it your years are gone!

Get after what you want starting today!!!


Wedding Season – The Plus One

Two weddings back to back weekends this month, one family one friend. This weekend was a different perspective for me, I was my wife’s plus one for her former co-worker’s amazing wedding. The venue was a beautiful winery in Santa Maria called Presqu’ile. Mountainous views and all these people in nice suits and dresses, people love this wedding stuff. These types of weddings make you feel like you are in one of those Hugh Grant romantic comedies, as a matter of fact the groom was English, which of course makes all the ladies swoon during his vows (sorry babe you are stuck with the country boy accent).

What made this even more fun was the fact that I left my phone in the hotel room intentionally. I had no reason to take extra photos or post to social media because to be honest I really didn’t know anyone, even the bride or groom. I got to listen to speeches from friends and family which allowed me to kind of piece together what their lives were about and even how they met. Hearing these stories is very interesting, almost like reading a book and being totally immersed in the story. The bride had a great speech and it was quite funny, as usual the groom is always on roast. The bride’s father had an extensive speech but very endearing to someone he is clearly very proud of. At the end of these speeches I felt as though I knew the couple at least a little bit.

One thing that really spoke to me at this critical change time in my life was something the father and best man spoke to. Apparently the groom was unemployed when the couple met but had a great idea for his own business. They spoke to how he overcame some adversity and had driven to create an amazing recruitment business. It was easy to tell that he was clearly well respected, because a good majority of the guests were his employees! It definitely says something about a leader if his employees and team members show up and even travel distances to come to your wedding. I believe every leader should strive for this sort of support. It was a really cool opportunity to be around so many successful and driven people, many scientists, Doctorate degrees, and entrepreneurs. Definitely a crowd to gain some inspiration from!

Enjoying some syrah thinking about how lucky I am to have the life I have.

One other thing, the band was unreal! I have never seen such a diversely talented group of musicians. Every musician sang many different songs and all were incredible. I have to shout out to the big guy on stage singing “Superstitious”.

After all was said and done it was an amazing evening with some great friends and a lot of cool strangers. I almost felt like a wedding crasher!

Weddings are over for the year, time to stick to the grind and make those big changes!


You Can’t Make Time

It’s 4:25 AM on a Friday, I’m getting my ass out of bed to get the day started on myself. I have a great workout ahead of me but first I need that sweet black nectar of the gods and some great music!

There are people out there beating you ever day, people getting up before you and working on their dreams. There you are just hitting snooze over, and over, and over. Get up and get to work on you!

I started thinking about all the extra time I have since I have been getting up so early, it’s about 3 hours more! I have been able to workout, some times twice, cook and eat breakfast, then write on Motivational Father to hold myself accountable. I cannot believe all the time that I will never get back due to sleeping in or hitting snooze, I don’t even want to do the math because there is no looking back, only forward. My mind still tells me every morning to just hit snooze and then hurry into work but I’m changing that mindset to “get your ass up and do something!”

I feel so accomplished by 7:00 AM everyday…that’s crazy because some people don’t feel accomplished by the end of an entire day! If you have always hit snooze or get up right in time to get where you need to go I challenge you to get up at least 2 hours prior to our normal wake time and see what happens. Do you really feel better when you sleep an extra 15-20 minutes? No, as a matter of fact most of the time you feel even more groggy and exhausted. GET UP!!! Just try it, what do you have to lose? Most of us are fortunate enough to have this time available, everything is so convenient in today’s society. We do not have to do much to cook breakfast, gyms are open 24 hours, the internet is always on and ready for you to create something, books are always charged and read to be read, not to mention typically the weather is much nicer in the mornings than in the evening especially during summer. What do you have to lose? Nothing!

Create achievable goals for yourself such as:

  • I want to am going to get up at 5:00 AM tomorrow.
  • I want to am going to workout tomorrow.
  • I want to am going to eat healthy for lunch everyday this week.
  • I want to am going to accomplish that one thing that is constantly on the back burner.

Stop using the words “I want to” and start saying “I’m going to”. You have to make the decision to make the change and then execute. I know you have wondered how people become so successful, and it’s because they use their time much more wisely than the “average” person. Use your time like you have none left, work on yourself first because change starts with you! Make shit happen and make your old self jealous. Today you are no longer the same person! You are getting rid of bad habits and time wasters. There is no time left to make this decision you have to take action!

Make a change and do it right now! Not tomorrow! Not after this upcoming vacation! Do it right fucking now!


Churn and Burn! Time to Get at it Early and Often, No Matter What! (slight profanity this morning)

4:25 AM – Struggling a bit this morning, legs hurt, ass cheeks are sore, and eyes are tired…Get the fuck up anyway! I’m out of bed. Our son came into bed with us last night so I had to pull a silent transfer back to his crib this morning without turning any lights on…don’t wake him, he is a sleeping beast! Time to get in The Church for some ground and pound!


4:50 AM – Arms and Abs today, so that means no matter if your a big strong guy or a smaller frame man after this morning’s workout you will feel like you cannot fit through a door way and you probably won’t be able to wash your hair in the shower! Well screw it who needs hair anyway, I gave up on it this year and haven’t looked back!

Arms and Abs:

  • Dumbbell Curls                              4X15
  • Hammer Curls                                4X15
  • Spider Curls                                     4X15
  • Banded Tricep Pushdowns           4X15
  • Kettlebell Tricep OH Extension   4X15
  • Close Kettlebell Press                     4X15
  • Hollow Rocks                                   6X15
  • Situps                                                 5X20

5:50 AM – Message and photo received from a good friend message reads “Rise and Muthfuckin Grind”…next set was pure focus! Thanks friend!

Got this photo from a good friend this morning at 5:30 AM with a message – “Rise and Muthafuckin Grind” – So that’s what we shall do!

6:00 AM – Workout finished, headed for a walk to see the views. It is beautiful out in the mornings and there still isn’t anyone in the neighborhood moving. I’m thinking about consistency with my plan and what I want to do to move forward. My workouts give me time to reflect and ravage, I need them, I want them. I don’t have a Dad bod but that transition is pretty easy to make then continuously make excuses. I’m not going to get a Dad bod, not in five years, not ten, hell not even 20. You will see the lights in my garage on early everyday until I can’t flick those switches…then I’ll get a clapper (you know clap on clap off, gotta explain for the new generation)!


I’m looking down during the workout at my shoes, and thinking “wow I have had these for almost 4 years”. I don’t know if I have ever kept a pair of workout shoes that long, but they remind me of how much work I have put into them and i just can’t get rid of them. Some people might say “oh you have to try the new Nike or Reebok cross trainer, metcon, or nano, but today I don’t give shit about how they look, only about the amount of hours that I have put in. Growing up you always think you need the nice shoes, the new Jordans, the newest running shoes, but let me tell you if you put the work into whatever  you have and you out work your competition no one is going to say shit about your style. They can’t criticize what they can’t catch or keep up with! Kids don’t need the nicest shoes they need someone to teach them how to out perform their competition, an example, a Motivational Father or Mother.

I was not the kid that had the above perspective, but I learned over time how things should be in my eyes. I treat people with respect and I work hard, I have dreams, I have goals for myself and my family. I try to make people laugh on a daily basis because if you can’t do that then what the hell is the 8-12 hour day good for? Just work?

For me life is about achieving goals and creating relationships, I am trying to get better at both. I am forever a work in progress, because if i was totally content with everything then what will drive me to do better? I must do better, I have to do something big, I have to try and change people’s lives for the better! No more trying, no more excuses, no more talking let’s get to fucking work!


The Summer Intern

So I am an engineer in a very standardized and bureaucratic industry, this is not a knock on the industry but a necessity. The industry is some times tough to break into for new engineers  without previous experience and that can mean less fresh ideas and less fighters for change. However, every summer we get these fresh minded and eager new, generally temporary, employees we call the interns. The interns come in wanting to be Tony Stark, Nicola Tesla, or Elon Musk but soon realize that in order to get paid you have to do actual work to ensure the company meets revenue goals.

This summer I have worked very closely with a few amazing interns and fresh new hires. These people pretty much say yes to everything, why you ask, because that’s what you do when you aren’t on the official payroll yet! These interns could immediately step in and out-perform some of the experienced engineers with ease (and in many cases this includes myself). See what changes after 5-10-15 years of experience is that you become formed into your role, you do not get excited as easily as you once did. The change in attitude from intern to experienced professional obviously differs from person to person but is typically a less excited version of your former self (like when you hear a great song then you listen to it over and over until finally it’s playing but you don’t remember hearing it play). Jealousy is my best description for my feeling toward these starry eyed newbies.

The interns are willing and eager to perform at a high level no matter the task, I like to believe I am that way for most of the time. I certainly miss the days where things were so new, so interesting, so refreshing. One thing keeps me going through stressful times at work, teaching/training/mentoring.

I have had the pleasure to be able to train these upcoming titans of industry, and have had a great time doing so. Not only do I get to train them on the obvious job structure, tasks, procedures, and standards but I get to share experiences with my career. I am able to share failures and successes and put a funny spin on everyday monotony. The fact that the interns and new hires continue to come back to me asking for advice, asking questions, and  sharing accomplishments is enough to make my day that much better.

Overall I have been extremely impressed by our interns and new hires of recent. I hope that they question everything and blindly accept nothing. Rules are made to be broken or at least challenged until someone gives you a good reason why it is the way it is. These newborns of the workforce are bright and can resist conformance if and only if they maintain the mantra of “Why?”.

Do not conform. Do not be a yes man/woman. Do not resist your temptation to stress the status quo!


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