You Can’t Make Time

It’s 4:25 AM on a Friday, I’m getting my ass out of bed to get the day started on myself. I have a great workout ahead of me but first I need that sweet black nectar of the gods and some great music!

There are people out there beating you ever day, people getting up before you and working on their dreams. There you are just hitting snooze over, and over, and over. Get up and get to work on you!

I started thinking about all the extra time I have since I have been getting up so early, it’s about 3 hours more! I have been able to workout, some times twice, cook and eat breakfast, then write on Motivational Father to hold myself accountable. I cannot believe all the time that I will never get back due to sleeping in or hitting snooze, I don’t even want to do the math because there is no looking back, only forward. My mind still tells me every morning to just hit snooze and then hurry into work but I’m changing that mindset to “get your ass up and do something!”

I feel so accomplished by 7:00 AM everyday…that’s crazy because some people don’t feel accomplished by the end of an entire day! If you have always hit snooze or get up right in time to get where you need to go I challenge you to get up at least 2 hours prior to our normal wake time and see what happens. Do you really feel better when you sleep an extra 15-20 minutes? No, as a matter of fact most of the time you feel even more groggy and exhausted. GET UP!!! Just try it, what do you have to lose? Most of us are fortunate enough to have this time available, everything is so convenient in today’s society. We do not have to do much to cook breakfast, gyms are open 24 hours, the internet is always on and ready for you to create something, books are always charged and read to be read, not to mention typically the weather is much nicer in the mornings than in the evening especially during summer. What do you have to lose? Nothing!

Create achievable goals for yourself such as:

  • I want to am going to get up at 5:00 AM tomorrow.
  • I want to am going to workout tomorrow.
  • I want to am going to eat healthy for lunch everyday this week.
  • I want to am going to accomplish that one thing that is constantly on the back burner.

Stop using the words “I want to” and start saying “I’m going to”. You have to make the decision to make the change and then execute. I know you have wondered how people become so successful, and it’s because they use their time much more wisely than the “average” person. Use your time like you have none left, work on yourself first because change starts with you! Make shit happen and make your old self jealous. Today you are no longer the same person! You are getting rid of bad habits and time wasters. There is no time left to make this decision you have to take action!

Make a change and do it right now! Not tomorrow! Not after this upcoming vacation! Do it right fucking now!



Churn and Burn! Time to Get at it Early and Often, No Matter What! (slight profanity this morning)

4:25 AM – Struggling a bit this morning, legs hurt, ass cheeks are sore, and eyes are tired…Get the fuck up anyway! I’m out of bed. Our son came into bed with us last night so I had to pull a silent transfer back to his crib this morning without turning any lights on…don’t wake him, he is a sleeping beast! Time to get in The Church for some ground and pound!


4:50 AM – Arms and Abs today, so that means no matter if your a big strong guy or a smaller frame man after this morning’s workout you will feel like you cannot fit through a door way and you probably won’t be able to wash your hair in the shower! Well screw it who needs hair anyway, I gave up on it this year and haven’t looked back!

Arms and Abs:

  • Dumbbell Curls                              4X15
  • Hammer Curls                                4X15
  • Spider Curls                                     4X15
  • Banded Tricep Pushdowns           4X15
  • Kettlebell Tricep OH Extension   4X15
  • Close Kettlebell Press                     4X15
  • Hollow Rocks                                   6X15
  • Situps                                                 5X20

5:50 AM – Message and photo received from a good friend message reads “Rise and Muthfuckin Grind”…next set was pure focus! Thanks friend!

Got this photo from a good friend this morning at 5:30 AM with a message – “Rise and Muthafuckin Grind” – So that’s what we shall do!

6:00 AM – Workout finished, headed for a walk to see the views. It is beautiful out in the mornings and there still isn’t anyone in the neighborhood moving. I’m thinking about consistency with my plan and what I want to do to move forward. My workouts give me time to reflect and ravage, I need them, I want them. I don’t have a Dad bod but that transition is pretty easy to make then continuously make excuses. I’m not going to get a Dad bod, not in five years, not ten, hell not even 20. You will see the lights in my garage on early everyday until I can’t flick those switches…then I’ll get a clapper (you know clap on clap off, gotta explain for the new generation)!


I’m looking down during the workout at my shoes, and thinking “wow I have had these for almost 4 years”. I don’t know if I have ever kept a pair of workout shoes that long, but they remind me of how much work I have put into them and i just can’t get rid of them. Some people might say “oh you have to try the new Nike or Reebok cross trainer, metcon, or nano, but today I don’t give shit about how they look, only about the amount of hours that I have put in. Growing up you always think you need the nice shoes, the new Jordans, the newest running shoes, but let me tell you if you put the work into whatever  you have and you out work your competition no one is going to say shit about your style. They can’t criticize what they can’t catch or keep up with! Kids don’t need the nicest shoes they need someone to teach them how to out perform their competition, an example, a Motivational Father or Mother.

I was not the kid that had the above perspective, but I learned over time how things should be in my eyes. I treat people with respect and I work hard, I have dreams, I have goals for myself and my family. I try to make people laugh on a daily basis because if you can’t do that then what the hell is the 8-12 hour day good for? Just work?

For me life is about achieving goals and creating relationships, I am trying to get better at both. I am forever a work in progress, because if i was totally content with everything then what will drive me to do better? I must do better, I have to do something big, I have to try and change people’s lives for the better! No more trying, no more excuses, no more talking let’s get to fucking work!


The Summer Intern

So I am an engineer in a very standardized and bureaucratic industry, this is not a knock on the industry but a necessity. The industry is some times tough to break into for new engineers  without previous experience and that can mean less fresh ideas and less fighters for change. However, every summer we get these fresh minded and eager new, generally temporary, employees we call the interns. The interns come in wanting to be Tony Stark, Nicola Tesla, or Elon Musk but soon realize that in order to get paid you have to do actual work to ensure the company meets revenue goals.

This summer I have worked very closely with a few amazing interns and fresh new hires. These people pretty much say yes to everything, why you ask, because that’s what you do when you aren’t on the official payroll yet! These interns could immediately step in and out-perform some of the experienced engineers with ease (and in many cases this includes myself). See what changes after 5-10-15 years of experience is that you become formed into your role, you do not get excited as easily as you once did. The change in attitude from intern to experienced professional obviously differs from person to person but is typically a less excited version of your former self (like when you hear a great song then you listen to it over and over until finally it’s playing but you don’t remember hearing it play). Jealousy is my best description for my feeling toward these starry eyed newbies.

The interns are willing and eager to perform at a high level no matter the task, I like to believe I am that way for most of the time. I certainly miss the days where things were so new, so interesting, so refreshing. One thing keeps me going through stressful times at work, teaching/training/mentoring.

I have had the pleasure to be able to train these upcoming titans of industry, and have had a great time doing so. Not only do I get to train them on the obvious job structure, tasks, procedures, and standards but I get to share experiences with my career. I am able to share failures and successes and put a funny spin on everyday monotony. The fact that the interns and new hires continue to come back to me asking for advice, asking questions, and  sharing accomplishments is enough to make my day that much better.

Overall I have been extremely impressed by our interns and new hires of recent. I hope that they question everything and blindly accept nothing. Rules are made to be broken or at least challenged until someone gives you a good reason why it is the way it is. These newborns of the workforce are bright and can resist conformance if and only if they maintain the mantra of “Why?”.

Do not conform. Do not be a yes man/woman. Do not resist your temptation to stress the status quo!


Work on Yourself First Thing Everyday

4:30 AM – Up and straight to the kitchen for a cup of caffeinated jet fuel before placing my offerings at The Church. No problem jumping up today but it was shoulder day after all. Another leg day coming in a couple days so that will be the true test of dedication.

Early Morning Workout, Before the Neighborhood Wakes 

Shoulder Day:

  • 10 Minutes of Jump Rope (Only rest for 15 seconds when you screw up)
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press                    4X12
  • Standing Military Press (Barbell)       4X12
  • Dumbbell Front Raises                         4X12
  • Lateral Raises                                         4X12
  • Bent Over Shoulder Flies                     4X12

5:35 AM – I went on a walk to see the awesome views from our neighborhood and the song “7 Years” by Lukas Graham played, I have heard the song before but never really listened to it. This song put my thoughts into perspective today and got me thinking about the future I want for myself and my family, listen to it or better yet actually hear it.

I want to make sure that I have exactly the life I have always wanted and can show my son that you can do whatever you want. No one in my immediate family had graduated from college, I did it. I moved across the country without a real plan, or job, and only about $250 to my name, I made it work with amazing support from my beautiful wife. We have an little boy who is learning at an amazing speed so I have to change, I have to live my life in a way that he sees as inspirational or else I fail him. I can give my son or other people advice but if I don’t live it myself then it means nothing! Time to make dreams come true for myself and my family. Time to get more time with my family and more time for myself because who the hell knows, I’ve been on Earth for 32 years and I do not intend to waste the next 32. One trip around that’s all you get, one trip to make a difference in people’s lives, one trip to learn, love, and be happy. It’s not about money it’s about satisfaction and leaving a lasting mark.

Have a great day and stay motivated for your own sake not for anyone else!


Early Riser – Row, Row, Row Your Boat…Then Clang and Bang!!

Day one back from a quick trip to Kansas City with the family! Thought it only right to start the week off right with a before the sun comes up workout!

Was not easy getting out of bed at 4:15 AM but I must be honest it was easier than getting up at 5:30 or 6:00 like usual. I got out of bed poured a cup of coffee from my preset coffee maker and headed out to the garage for some cardio on the row machine.


4:50 AM – After about 20 minutes of solid rowing I decided to grab some breakfast. Fed my dogs, let them outside to do their business, ate breakfast then headed back out to the garage which I have named “The Church”.

5:15 AM – Decided to get back to the basics for a while. Went ahead and crushed some weights with the workout below.

  1. Barbell Bench Press         4X12 building
  2. Incline Push ups                4X15
  3. Dumbbell Bench Press     4X12
  4. Dumbbell Flies                   4X12
  5. Dips                                        3X12
  6. Hammer Curls                    3X12

6:00 AM – After completed that session I took a neighborhood walk to enjoy the fresh air and silence before starting my busy day at work.

6:15 AM – One last thing. I stopped in the garage to meditate for 10 minutes so I have exercised my mind and allowed myself to settle for the day. I never really believed in meditation, but that’s because I was ignorant to the benefits. I became very stressed from work and just life in general for a short time and was looking for methods of relieving tension, meditation was the key.


Showing Our Son Around Kansas City – “Kaleidoscope”

We flew out to Kansas City for a family wedding and found that the area is beautiful and the city has lots to do and see! My son, Lincoln, who is 18 months old is quite a crazy handful at this age but is tons of fun to watch. My wife found a place called Kaleidoscope, where the Hallmark and Crayola company bring leftover art supplies from manufacturing processes and place them all into an amazingly colorful and creative room for all the kids to draw, color, and pretty much run wild!

It was fun to see Lincoln walk into rooms that were lit with blacklight, he was in complete awe! I started to realize how important it is to work his mind to the max like this place did. We got to chase him through what was essentially a child’s imagination! One of the best parts is he can run from station to station and we could stand back and watch, take pictures, or even participate in the crafts. The even better part is that the entire experience was FREE!

This has been an awesome trip and we have gotten to see cool places and eat amazing BBQ (Q39 BBQ came highly recommended by a good friend). I used the opportunity of being up a bit late the first night due to time differences to write my first post which for me is a solid first step into productivity. So far I said I was going to start a blog and I have officially done just that. We will be heading back to California soon, then the real work and transformation begins. I will begin writing about my daily routine changes (workouts, eating habits, family time, and maybe even some career related items). It’s time to get real about holding myself accountable for my future persona and I’m going to do it starting now!


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