Seeking Those Wheels Every Man Should Have…It’s Leg Day Gentlemen!!!


4:23 AM – It’s time to shake a bake people! I just woke up and all I’m thinking is “Oh shit it’s leg day”. Ok I’ll be honest, my alarm went of at 4:15 but I laid there thinking “do I really wanna work legs today…I’m probably too sore from yesterday’s workout, right?…I have a long day ahead of me at work I should probably get another hour of sleep” then I thought “nah, fuck that get your ass outta bed and go scare people in the culdesac with your grunts and heavy breathing!”

4:45 AM – I have guzzled a strong cup of coffee and I’m in The Church. I start with some air squats and lunges, about 5 minutes worth. Now I’m ready to sweat.

Leg Day Workout:

  • Walking Weighted Lunges    4X25  (in the culdesac at 4:50 AM hoping no one gets scared!)
  • Banded Leg Press                   4X20
  • Barbell Squat                          4X12
  • Romanian Deadlift                4X12
My street light silhouette…

5:50 AM – Workout is complete and my legs are destroyed! I’ll be feeling this one later.

6:00 AM – Breakfast. Everyone is still asleep and the house is quiet. I think I’ll give myself a haircut in the garage with the clippers. My day is anchored with a good decision first thing in the morning so it should be a good one!

Training this early has some amazing advantages and I like it!



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