Showing Our Son Around Kansas City – “Kaleidoscope”

We flew out to Kansas City for a family wedding and found that the area is beautiful and the city has lots to do and see! My son, Lincoln, who is 18 months old is quite a crazy handful at this age but is tons of fun to watch. My wife found a place called Kaleidoscope, where the Hallmark and Crayola company bring leftover art supplies from manufacturing processes and place them all into an amazingly colorful and creative room for all the kids to draw, color, and pretty much run wild!

It was fun to see Lincoln walk into rooms that were lit with blacklight, he was in complete awe! I started to realize how important it is to work his mind to the max like this place did. We got to chase him through what was essentially a child’s imagination! One of the best parts is he can run from station to station and we could stand back and watch, take pictures, or even participate in the crafts. The even better part is that the entire experience was FREE!

This has been an awesome trip and we have gotten to see cool places and eat amazing BBQ (Q39 BBQ came highly recommended by a good friend). I used the opportunity of being up a bit late the first night due to time differences to write my first post which for me is a solid first step into productivity. So far I said I was going to start a blog and I have officially done just that. We will be heading back to California soon, then the real work and transformation begins. I will begin writing about my daily routine changes (workouts, eating habits, family time, and maybe even some career related items). It’s time to get real about holding myself accountable for my future persona and I’m going to do it starting now!



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