Welcome to Motivational Father – My Journey to Life 2.0

Well this is a place I never thought I would be, posting my experiences on a blog. I have some friends that will for sure get a kick out of this due to knowing me in the past. For twenty-seven years I lived in East Tennessee and was raised to believe that you grow up, (maybe) go to college, get a job, work tons of hours, (maybe) get married, have kids (whether you’re married or not), then quickly become old and retire.

I met my beautiful wife during our last couple years of college in Tennessee. My plan before meeting my wife was to graduate and immediately move to Colorado even before finding a job. I could just live in my old Jeep and join a local gym (obviously for exercise but also to use the facilities) until I gained a position in engineering. I had even thought of tent camping for many nights throughout the week until becoming employed!

What I really wanted was a change from my norm, and from the expectations I had for myself. Long story short, I met my now wife and became very happy with the future we could have. I moved to California, where she is from, and started applying for jobs immediately. I had $250 to my name after moving to California and six months before the student loan repayment was going to kick in! I was nervous, but with confidence in my abilities and my wife giving me motivation I continued to apply to everything for about two months. My amazing Mother bought my first suit when I got to California which cost about $300 (two piece suit, white shirt, dress shoes, and a tie). I used $20 to get a haircut and started interviewing! I was hired as an engineer after two very thrifty months and the rest is history.

Fast forward six years, I am in my third job (by choice), I am happily married, we have a one and a half year old son, and just purchased a home! My wife and I have taken some amazing trips and made many great friends along the way. I have everything that I ever wanted in life and more…so what’s missing? Why do I still lack a feeling of accomplishment? Why do I not spring out of bed when my alarm goes off? Why do I need a coffee fueled gas tank to become artificially fired up?

It’s time I hold myself accountable for my lack of action, my lack of production, the type of example I am showing my son. I cannot think of a better way to hold myself accountable than to share my experiences with low motivation and production than to write about it. This is my first post and I can already see how writing your thoughts puts you deeper inside them.

I will share:

  • My journey into self-motivation, productivity, and mindfullness
  • How I am becoming the Motivational Father 
  • Working relationship techniques that have been successful for me
  • Life obstacles and how I overcame them, if I have

What I want from you:

  • How do you stay internally motivated?
  • Connections through similar experiences
  • Have you had success/failure creating your life 2.0?

This article has been fun and exciting to create and I look forward to continuing this project because it’s on my goal list and the first step is to get started!





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