4:00 AM Comes Early, But So Does 32 Years of Age

Let’s GO!!!

4:23 AM – Monday means LEG DAY time to get up and build that foundation of strength! Popped right out of bed this morning, added a cup of dark black roasted adrenaline to my blood stream then right out to “The Church” for some sweaty painful morning ritual!

Leg Day:

Keep the workouts and movements simple so you don’t have to think of a workout this early in the morning. I am not a super athlete but I do know what works for legs, squat variations, lunges, Romanian dead lifts etc. Keep it simple, voluminous, and sweaty!

  • Row                                         2,000 meters (wake up call!)
  • Barbell Lunges                    4X25 
  • Banded Leg Press               4X15
  • Barbell Squats                     3X12
  • Romanian Dead Lifts         3X15
  • Quick walk around the neighborhood so I can make sure I’m the first one working!

5:23 AM – A good friend of mine sent me a text saying “he was working late and 4:00 AM came real early today”, this got me thinking. I have been getting up and going straight to work for someone else for many years, yes I have been a fairly early riser for most of those years but not like this current run. I started thinking “you know what comes early? 32 years comes early.” I cannot believe that I have not been getting up this early for my entire adult life! I cannot imagine what I could have accomplished with an extra 3 hours per day and the amount of continuous energy that this schedule gives me. Doesn’t matter what I could have done all that matters is what I’m going to do next!

We are so fortunate to be able to wake up everyday and make choices for ourselves! You can sleep in, you can get up and workout, you can get up and swim, you can get up and write or read. Who are we to waste this most precious time and decide to constantly hit the snooze button everyday? When you set your alarm the night before and have these solid intentions of getting up and doing shit what stops you from accomplishing this simple goal. It’s easy, just get up! Pour coffee and open the blinds or turn on the lights, turn on some music or a video of some drill Sargent screaming, just do something! Stop doing nothing! 30 years will come fast if it hasn’t already, then 40 years, then 50, 60, 70, before you know it your at the end and wondering “What if?”.

No more snoozing the alarm, you are an adult, you are in charge of every choice you make. If you didn’t get enough stuff done then that is your fault and your fault only! Get shit done! Take care of yourself so that you can live a long happy successful life no matter your circumstances. If you keep hitting snooze then before you know it your years are gone!

Get after what you want starting today!!!



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