Wedding Season – The Plus One

Two weddings back to back weekends this month, one family one friend. This weekend was a different perspective for me, I was my wife’s plus one for her former co-worker’s amazing wedding. The venue was a beautiful winery in Santa Maria called Presqu’ile. Mountainous views and all these people in nice suits and dresses, people love this wedding stuff. These types of weddings make you feel like you are in one of those Hugh Grant romantic comedies, as a matter of fact the groom was English, which of course makes all the ladies swoon during his vows (sorry babe you are stuck with the country boy accent).

What made this even more fun was the fact that I left my phone in the hotel room intentionally. I had no reason to take extra photos or post to social media because to be honest I really didn’t know anyone, even the bride or groom. I got to listen to speeches from friends and family which allowed me to kind of piece together what their lives were about and even how they met. Hearing these stories is very interesting, almost like reading a book and being totally immersed in the story. The bride had a great speech and it was quite funny, as usual the groom is always on roast. The bride’s father had an extensive speech but very endearing to someone he is clearly very proud of. At the end of these speeches I felt as though I knew the couple at least a little bit.

One thing that really spoke to me at this critical change time in my life was something the father and best man spoke to. Apparently the groom was unemployed when the couple met but had a great idea for his own business. They spoke to how he overcame some adversity and had driven to create an amazing recruitment business. It was easy to tell that he was clearly well respected, because a good majority of the guests were his employees! It definitely says something about a leader if his employees and team members show up and even travel distances to come to your wedding. I believe every leader should strive for this sort of support. It was a really cool opportunity to be around so many successful and driven people, many scientists, Doctorate degrees, and entrepreneurs. Definitely a crowd to gain some inspiration from!

Enjoying some syrah thinking about how lucky I am to have the life I have.

One other thing, the band was unreal! I have never seen such a diversely talented group of musicians. Every musician sang many different songs and all were incredible. I have to shout out to the big guy on stage singing “Superstitious”.

After all was said and done it was an amazing evening with some great friends and a lot of cool strangers. I almost felt like a wedding crasher!

Weddings are over for the year, time to stick to the grind and make those big changes!



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