It’s Crowded at The Bottom

4:30 AM – Waking up is a little difficult today. Who am I to not get up and push my body and mind to perform? There are people out there that have extreme disabilities, unfortunate circumstances, and even two or three jobs! Here I am laying in bed thinking about getting another hour of sleep…what a sad ignorant thought. I told myself “Get your ass up! There are people out working you that are missing limbs, people who are single parents, people who operate everyday on little sleep!”. The people that have everything stacked against them are my role models, my heroes. I am lucky to be able to wake up everyday and jump out of bed and go do whatever I want to do! I cannot waste this opportunity called life. Everyday we get closer to the end, who are we to waste this precious time? I have work to do. We have work to do. Get up and work on yourself!!!

Why is everyone so content with “Normal”? This leaves us at the bottom, and it’s crowded down there. It’s so crowded at the bottom so I’m going to make a nice spacious spot for myself at the top!

Life is the biggest risk, because you are not going to get out alive. Keep taking risks and improving!

I am up today at 4:30 AM working on myself before I go into work. I get my workout in while it’s still dark outside. By the time I get to work I have already completed half a workday just for myself and I feel damn proud of that. One day when my son is older he will see me up so early and will probably think I’m a crazy mother fucker but it will be ingrained in his memory forever. My son will be able to say “My Dad works harder than anyone!” because it will be true. I thought I was tired of having my back against the wall until I realized it was necessary to keep it there! I do my best work when I’m under immense pressure and for whatever reason I forgot to perform in this manner for myself! I am going to kick my own ass outside of work just like it gets kicked at work because I owe that to myself and especially my son.

The last couple of days I have had a voice in my head saying “Come on just go back to the way you were, sleep in, skip today’s workout, don’t write because you don’t have anything to say”. You know what? I still got up everyday, I still got my workout in, I still kept my head up! There is a turning point going on right now and there will be many more in my future, I am fighting through those thoughts everyday until they are pushed down so far that I can’t even hear them any more.

My back is against the wall everyday because I make the decision to keep it there! Nobody is going to help me get where I want to go, I have to do ALL the work! Be up for this challenge because once it’s over it’s over. Create a routine for everyday, don’t make it easy! I’m up everyday before 5:00 AM and I go straight to the black kettle that holds that sweet caffeine blood flow, then I walk right out to the garage, open the door, at this point it’s happening already. Once you get so far it’s hard to turn back and go back to bed because you will disappoint yourself, and your conscious does not want that feeling.

Keep Your Back Against it All The Time!

Some times when I wake up early I want to go back to sleep, but then I remember why I’m doing this routine. I have to show my son and myself that you can do whatever you want and it’s never to late to make a change in your life!

Remember it’s crowded at the bottom so claim a spot at the top!


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