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I am an introvert, there I said it (or maybe I just thought it out loud). If you know me well or in certain circumstances then you would know that I have the ability to have energy around people and have tons of fun without a doubt. All that being said, forcing myself to maintain such a high amount of energy throughout the day utterly exhausts me and this is because my brain does not function this way on a normal basis. I am obviously a morning person and have annoyingly high amounts of energy when I wake up in most cases (my wife can vouch and does not share that same annoying energy at that time). First thing in the morning I drink some high octane black jitter juice and then roll right into “The Church” (my garage gym) to pay my dues, but when the evening hits after a day of work I am only good until about 9:30 or so. I spend my entire day talking with people of all different types of personalities and backgrounds and I must remain “on” all the time!


An introverted person is someone who is always in their own head and rarely shows their hand to anyone. My mind tends to run 1,000 mph from day break to day’s end and that is on top of being “on” with many different scenarios all day.  I enjoy people watching and running scenarios in my head, all though this is also slowly maddening at times. Super high energy people zap my energy pretty quickly because I just cannot keep up!

Throughout most of my life I wanted to force myself into situations that make me an extrovert. I would go to parties, volunteer for ridiculous things, and some times even have a couple drinks before going to have drinks so that I could loosen up a bit and talk more. Over the years I realized that this wasn’t the way to go, I am a typically quiet and in my head type of guy and I just need to be happy with that. This does not mean I don’t want to be around extroverts or even “extreme extroverts” (k…a…s…i…e, shameless name drop), I enjoy and thrive on it most of the time but once my energy is spent it doesn’t come back until I recharge with some time back in my head.


Funny thing about writing is that I don’t have to talk! I can sit here in my own head and just type what’s running through it any time I want. This project has been amazing for my mind, I find that I can data dump onto a laptop or phone without rebuttal. You know how you have those conversations with yourself in the shower? Those faux arguments that you always win? Like you are going to jump out and go use that information for good! (I know you know what I’m talking about you don’t have to lie to me) This writing thing is kinda like that. You can publish your brain waves as though you were the only person talking in the room and some times you need that, especially if you are an introvert. You can anticipate what people’s reactions will be and type that and then strike back as if you just proved them wrong (or right depending on the conversation of the day). I know this seems like “talking to yourself” but come on everyone does this in some form or fashion and it’s fun to discuss the things that most people take for granted.

Either way I enjoy this writing thing (like it’s new and no one has ever done it). Nah you know what, it is kind of new, because most people tell small blurbs about their day via social media. Why can’t everyone have an autobiography of themselves to pass down to their children and grandchildren? Facebook isn’t going to count unless you just want to show them that you went to the beach one time and all other memories were grand and epic! Most people post only the fun things that they do but those aren’t the only things that people should know about you. People need to know what makes you who you are and those are usually not the pictures you post, those things are usually the life learned experiences that you go through, the tough times that require you to push through, and the times where you have to force yourself to change in order to be a better person.

I am going to just keep on being an introverted guy who goes on caffeine fueled rage workouts by myself every morning because that is when I do my best thinking and understanding!

Do things outside of your comfort zone, say yes instead of no, be happy inside your own head from time to time (everyone doesn’t understand it but who gives a shit), use other people’s energy to thrive, create your own energy by striving to be your best self, and for the sake of all that is good and decent get your ass up early and do something for yourself!



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