Empty The Dish Washer…You’ll Thank Me Later

This was one hell of a weekend. After a strong week of training, working, and everyday chaos it was time to wind down. Just a couple of mini stories below from the weekend all which felt much deserved after a productive week.

FridayThe Gentlemen’s Evening


A couple friend’s and I decided we needed an evening for the boys, so we politely informed our wives that we were going to go ahead and….who am I kidding of course I made sure it was alright with her before going out, leaving all evening home responsibilities to her. Although I some times make stupid mistakes (think forgetting to move laundry from washer to dryer, or empty the dish washer of the clean dishes…gentlemen if you want to get some “attention” from your wife then empty that damn dish washer! This single task may have ultimately led to the conception of our son!)…alright I have to side bar this thought. Guys, your wife will ask you to do many things in life but if you ever empty the dishwasher without being asked and put all the dishes where they go then I’m here to tell you that you will become a God among men, a King among peasants, a Lion among gazelle. Your stock will immediately rise and possibly even split a couple times in the process, this will pay dividends for the rest of your life! Alright I digress (sorry for all the sad puns) I believe I have made my point here, just heed the advice and watch the magic happen!

“Empty the dishwasher! You’ll thank me later!”

One thing that I got a bit of a chuckle out of before starting the evening where history will be made was the way two of us traveled to meet the third. We were about to leave my house and I realized I needed a pick me up…not a roadie or starting beverage. I quickly made a homemade iced coffee, put it into a red solo cup (this seemed familiar) and headed out to the car. I sold my beautiful Toyota Tundra pickup and bought a small Ford Focus so we could buy a house recently and I obviously have a car seat in the back. So here we are, old college roommates jumping into my silver bullet car with an iced coffee in hand and a car seat with a Toy Story Woody doll in the back, ready to P.A.R.T.Y!! Times they are a changing.


Saturday – Slept in due to not being able to handle more than three or four good beers (and maybe a small vodka) but the night was well worth it. Almost took a nap while our son was sleeping but decided to get up and go into the garage for a sweaty training session, best decision I made.

Look at the sparkle of that bald head

Sunday – REST DAY!!!

Called a brunch with a some great friends. Always good to have friends that have kids of similar age to our son, he loves being around other kids. Little pool time after breakfast and just relaxing the rest of the day.

Time to get back at it tomorrow! Setting my alarm for 4:00 AM going to try and squeeze a little more time into the morning routine. I’m going to make this week pure hell in “The Church” (kind of an odd turn of phrase).

Monday Starter Kit

  • Get up early on Monday
  • Eat Clean on Monday
  • Workout hard on Monday (Start with Legs)
  • The rest of the week will fall in line
  • Get your ass into gear and go do it!

“Have an awesome week and remember to EMPTY THE DISHWASHER!”



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