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Had a business meeting with a good friend of mine this evening and discussed and what I would like for it to become. He brought up some great points on how the website/idea/movement was coming along and offered some constructive criticism on the site. I have not really given the site an official movement or direction and to be honest I’m kinda all over the map but it feels great to write about whatever is crossing my mind at the time, however what about those who see the name Motivational Father and come for pertinent thoughts and get a funny story or two? I know what I want this to be, it should be taken back to the start and why it began in the first place (but I cannot help but throw in some occasional circumstantial humor from time to time). So here goes nothing…

My father was around for about half of my childhood, I’m not here to bash fathers who have certain circumstances because everyone’s situation is different. Some kid’s fathers don’t want to be around, some work very long hours, some pass away while the kids are very young, and some are just never around from the beginning. I actually do not talk with my father today and have not really had any communication with him for about 15 years (I am 33 years old now). I am not sure how I would have turned out had I a father figure around all my life, maybe different? Maybe worse? Maybe better? I grew up very quickly and tried to help take care of my Mom and little brother. I have always been known as the young old guy and I attribute this to having to mature very quickly, and of course I love naps but whatever. I have failed many times in life at many different things but one thing I am guaranteed to get right is being an outstanding Daddy to my son. I know everything I missed as a kid and I will ensure that my son does not miss out on any of it. I want my writing on Motivational Father to inspire fathers/daddies/step-dads everywhere to understand the massive responsibility that they have on their shoulders and realize that no weak man can properly handle them. Yes, weak men can be fathers this is an unfortunate side effect of how biology works but a great father is a truly strong man. As a kid there was a picture frame in my house that quoted “Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Daddy”, I have remembered this quote all of my life and swore to myself that I would be the best Daddy that I could possibly be! Remember this saying and you will immediately realize the truth in the words.

I want Motivational Father to convince people how to be the best father they can be and to show the world what a strong father figure can do to a young person’s life. I want to make sure that Dads are on the ground, in the dirt, on the field or court, in the books, the stories, in the experiences, and in the lives of their kids. I cannot tell you what this would have meant to me especially in my later childhood years. I want all Dads to show their sons how to shave, how to cut wood, how to camp, how to drink their first beer! Or if that isn’t your thing then show them whatever you do just show them something! You like to sing? Show them! You like to dance? Show them! You like to play ping pong? Show them! As kids we do not care what our Dads show us as long as they are showing us something! The children that are the most sad in school and have the most social problems are the ones who have nobody showing them anything at home! You tired when you get home from work? Too bad, get on the floor and play with your kids! You annoyed by all the other things you have to do? Too bad, teach your kids how to dig a hole, how to throw a ball, how to sing, how to dance, how to draw! All of these things we used to love to do when we were kids our children now think are so much fun but we are too freaking tired from staring at a computer all day….boring! Get on the floor! Spending time with them is the key!

Motivational Father needs to do just that motivate fatherhood and I mean the good kind, the kind I believe we are missing in many cases. Please do not get me wrong there are obviously tons of great Dads out there right know doing stuff with there kids everyday. Those children will be raised much differently and probably have more windows of opportunity thrown their way. Also just FYI I turned out alright but still have my own issues when it comes to coping with this, I know it’s odd because it has been such a long time but believe me when I say it sticks with you. I want current and future fathers to read some of this stuff and realize what they can do to motivate themselves, their children, and the rest of their family! Fathers should be leaders (not bosses, that’s the significant other’s position) they should aim to lead by example and continue working on themselves so that they may mold with the world and their children as time goes on.

I want to help Fathers/Daddies/Step-Dads to be the best they can be all while learning from other’s experiences to be the best Daddy I can be.

My son always sits down with his Legos and says “Come on Dada let’s build something”, maybe after all this time I should have been reading between the lines. He is right I do need to build something.

“Come on Dada let’s build something” – My son, Lincoln

Let’s build something….



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