To Be a Great Dad, Watch Mom

My wife and I have been parents for about a year and a half now (or a some parents say, 18-months, this is okay to say as long as counting in months stops at 2 years old! No more “my son is 36 months old”…he is 3 years old until he is 4, come on people!) We have learned a ton together and are still learning new things about parental organized chaos every day! We both work full time and are career oriented, both have goals in mind for ourselves and for our son. We are fortunate to have many great friends that we see often and even get the opportunity to pass on some lessons learned from our experiences. We are busy ass people as many parents are. I wasn’t sure how well I was going to do as a father because I knew it would be busy and I’m am not the best multi-tasker as my wife will clearly tell you. My wife however is amazing at juggling multiple tasks and deadlines and is able to remember what we have planned every weekend.


I could not organize our lives let alone my own without her scheduling everything on my Microsoft Outlook calendar. She tells me where to be and when because at some point in a conversation I agreed to all these tasks and events. She schedules her doctor’s appointments and our son’s appointments and due to an eye surgery, over the past 8 months, has been quite a task. She keeps our family in order and never asks for much in return. Some times I feel as though I’m going a little crazy from how busy we always are but that is just this period in our lives, friends getting married, having babies, birthday parties, other kids birthday parties (which are really adult parties to celebrate another year you were able to keep your child in good condition!). Everyday is a new adventure at home let alone the 8-10 hours of work for either of us.

My wife is always organized even when she has a breakdown thinking she isn’t on top of it, this is why we are such a great match. I am typically the calm, laid back, living right now person while she is the planning aficionado for each and every week. I drive her crazy and her me, but the differing styles tend to compliment one another. I have never had to “confirm” my decisions so often to anyone but her project management lifestyle ensures that I am held accountable! If it wasn’t for her I would crumble trying to do all of this (major props to those single parents out there, my Mom was one of them who busted her ass to provide a great childhood for my brother and myself). She is the sticky project planning glue that holds us together and keeps us all happy! This is the main reason I want to become a more productive person, a Motivational Father, a stronger parental partner, because she is so strong and just keeps pushing every day.


My wife is the most loving, caring, supportive, and brutally honest person that I know. She loves being around friends and family with a good cadillac margarita and some chips and salsa (preferably queso dip) and relaxing outside. This lady drives me to become my best self and I could not imagine my life without her. I assume I would never know what was wrong with my dogs, when the next appointment is, if anyone has a birthday coming up, if I agreed to do something, hell i would probably forget to pay bills even though the money is there. The biggest thing that I might forget to do without her is to drive myself to become the best example of a man for my son. I might not be nearly as driven as I am today to move forward and better myself. She is always the most supportive person in my life no matter what I’m going through.


To my wife

Thank you for my reasons “why”. Thank you for supporting me through creating this site so I can data dump my thoughts and for helping me to reach the best version of myself.

I love you (and yes, I can confirm that!)

Also, I know you are going to tell me to change one of these pictures but I like them so live with it woman!



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