Hard Dad Discipline – Weekend Edition

Here we are once again, it’s Friday and many of us Dads have a couple days off work. Many of us will sleep in until our toddlers, kids, or significant others wake us. But there are the other 2% who are making daily changes to be better for their families and that 2% is you! Get up early and tame the beast!!!

I’m going to get up and make the bed with my son and wife still in it because that’s the first thing I like to do! They may not like it but who am I kidding they probably will not even notice haha! Get out of bed and drink that ooh so sweet radioactive high octane silverback fuel and get to the gym, pound the concrete, and make sure everyone wakes up to the alarm of you going through more pain than the other 98% will endure in a week! It’s the weekend and that means the whole morning belongs to you and only you…everyone else in your neighborhood is sleeping and getting softer by the day, now get it!

After the workout I am going to play with my son and when he says “Daddy you stink!” I’ll say “don’t worry son so will you one day…so will you.”

I will see you all at 4:45 AM tomorrow! Let’s kick the tires and light some fires! Get up so early and crush your workout so hard that it makes everyone around you sick!

Let’s Go!


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