How to Be a Fun Daddy!

So unfortunately I’m currently on business travel, sitting at a bar waiting on my chicken to arrive, instead of being at home playing with my little buddy. I thought I might take a minute to give a little back to the Daddy community, considering I’m the only one at the bar. My introvertness is shining through because I am writing at a bar. My “Dad” is shining through because I ordered the roasted chicken, which was amazing, and the first cut squirted juice on my only t-shirt…oh well, I’m also wearing tennis shoes and jeans so fucking sue me!

I have not missed my family this much before. The main reason is that this is for work, not play, not relaxation, not betterment, just work. I’m rolling my eyes just thinking about it. I have a little dude at home that yells “Dada!!” every time I get home and it makes me feel so great!

So to be a great Daddy, not merely a Father you must….well let’s list a few items.

Act Excited When You Walk in the Door

Everyday when you get home be as excited to see your child as they are to see you! If they scream “Dada!” then retaliate with “insert child’s name here!” then go straight and pick them up or immediately play with them for a couple minutes. Your child will remember this every single day and look forward to it. You need to hit your knees and get down on their level and make noise to play with them.

Get on Their Level

When you are playing with your kids get on the floor! Yes you may feel tired and want to sit but who cares get your ass on the floor and play! My son loves trucks and horse back rides so that’s exactly what I do. I get on the floor and make weird noises while he rides around on my back. I had to show him how to climb up onto my back but once I did he never forgot. I crawl around with him like a horse and he is in his super happy state. I also drive trucks around with him while making lots of truck noises. Granted a lot of what I’m saying is for a boy but girls will have similar likes at this age so get down there and plays trucks or dolls whichever!

Rough House

Ahh my favorite pastime, rough housing. My son is at the age where I can throw him around and he loves it! You must know he sees you as Superman when you throw him around a room or throw him on the bed or couch! That’s right you are Superman to someone, no matter what jackass you work for all day, when you get home you are the man, the head honcho, the super hero! Throw them, carefully, tickle them, suplex them, and make mom nervous sometimes! Remember that you are the Daddy of a new person and your responsibility is to make them successful in everything until all they do is success. Yes they can, will, and should fail throughout life but give them the basic tools for success.

Chill With Them

Finally just chill with them when it’s almost bedtime. Turn on a good cartoon movie and lay on the floor with their toys and books and most likey they will sit and relax with you. They need to know that Dad is fun and also likes to relax before bed. Give them some chocolate milk and a bedtime snack, you need one too obviously, and just kick it.

Well now you know how to keep your child interested in you. It’s fun having a mini me around the house because it drives mom a little crazy which we both love! Play with them, make noises, and relax with them! Easy as that!



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